Maxi Flo Robe - Egyptian Cornflower

Maxi Flo Robe - Egyptian Cornflower

Handmade in Goa, this is a one of a kind piece, made from repurposing preloved sari silk.*


This design is cornflower blue base with red and teal pattern.   


One size - a loose and flowy fit, ensuring joy and comfort when wearing, for maximum swanning around.


Unisex - robes can be worn by anyone and everyone, anywhere and everywhere! 



  • Comes with removable waist belt tie.
  • Small slit either side at the bottom.
  • Love me by cold handwashing only (and remember to love yourself too!)
  • Shipped in eco-packaging.
  • Full length; approx 145cm


*Please note that small imperfections in the fabric and the detail are possible due to the nature of upcycling previously loved delicate material. Whilst I strive to check all pieces for quirks, this is part of the beauty of each robe having a history & being completely individual.